Sunnymeads Shine with Connor Joining!

Comp Connor Freeman, Sunnymeads Chapter, MEGS , Provincial Officers.

On Thursday the 24th March Sunnymeads Chapter held a regular meeting of the Chapter at Slough Masonic Centre. The meeting was very well attended with a visit from our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Graham Dearing and a team of 16 Acting Provincial Officers.

Sunnymeads Chapter's MEZ the very popular and lovable E Comp John Mellor warmly welcomed the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and his team of Provincial Officers to Sunnymeads Chapter.

At the meeting Bro Connor John Freeman a Master Mason of Sunnymeads Lodge was Exalted into the Chapter in a wonderful ceremony led by MEZ John Mellor, along with outstanding sojourners work by E Comps Carl Freeman, Mathew Eton and Gary Brodie a real joy for all who were present, especially Comp Connor who's Grand Farther was the well-loved and distinguished Freemason, Phil Freeman who did so much for Freemasonry in Buckinghamshire and in particular for Slough Masonic Centre, it is good to see a young member of the family joining the Chapter his Grand Farther founded and carrying on the good Masonic work of the Family!

After the meeting via a few drinks in the bar the Companions dined together, excellent food, wine, enjoyable speeches. Good Companionship! A most enjoyable Masonic Occasion!

MEZ John Mellor, E Comp Bob Walton, Comp Connor Freeman,  E Comp Carl Freeman.
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