Mentoring in Buckinghamshire Royal Arch

Through the Royal Arch Vision Club, the goals of the Provincial Mentoring Team are:

  • To educate newly exalted Companions on their ceremony
  • To engage members in learning more about The Holy Royal Arch
  • To support Chapters with resources that retain interest in our wonderful Order
  • To provide events throughout each year that educate and entertain members
  • To develop a plan to establish new tailored mentoring and engagement schemes
  • To work hand-in-hand with the Bucks Roving Companions to encourage visiting
  • To champion the Royal Arch modules within UGLE’s “SOLOMON”
  • To recommend how mentoring should be supported in the Province in the future.

 A new beginning…

The project to launch the Royal Arch Vision Club came about due to the powerful success of the North East Corner Club in Buckinghamshire. The brainchild of our Past Grand Superintendent, RAVC was developed in 2019 with the specific aim of engaging members and retaining Exaltees who had come to expect a similar scheme to NECC. At its official launch in February 2020 at a meeting of Upton Manor Lodge where NECC members were invited, our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. Graham Dearing invited all the attendees to sign up to the new initiative – and they did! A Facebook page was created to engage these new members due to the pandemic that was circulating at the time and since then RAVC members have been introduced to Solomon modules, snippets of information, clarity over parts of the Exaltation and explanations of where and when events took place in relation to the ceremony.

The future…

The launch of RAVC was a huge success and members have enjoyed understanding more about the Royal Arch. A programme of events has now been planned and new literature, branding and engagement channels are being created to help develop every member. Our MEGS insists that Masonry should be fun and engaging, and with that in mind, the events that are put on will inform, enlighten and exceed the expectations of those attending.

To find out more

RAVC, in the main, utilises Facebook to inform members of what is going on Click here and answer the simple joining question.

RAVC Facebook Page

But we acknowledge that not everyone is on social media. Simply send an email to to be kept informed of everything coming up.